New year, new me.


My new look for early 2017!

As I mentioned in last night’s post, this morning began with a trip to the barber. Despite what my that post’s images suggest (I let my hair down in the pictures to show how long it had got), I actually had a disconnected undercut underneath the mop as I felt it looked cleaner when tied back in a top knot (see image below). Unfortunately as a consequence of this my options this morning were more limited than they would have been had I grown out all of my hair, but I eventually settled for a cut loosely based on Jake Gyllenhaal’s haircut in Prisoners, and couldn’t be happier with the results!

I can’t wait to see how my colleagues react tomorrow… If they recognise me that is!



Me again, taken under 12 hours before the previous picture (believe it or not)!


Hair today, gone tomorrow…

So today at last, after a lengthy 4 months, my face was reacquainted with its old friend the razor! In this period my face had sprouted a rather glorious beard, but today I felt it was the right time to say goodbye and start afresh (and sure enough, my face does feel rather fresh!)…




wp_ss_20170114_0004 (2).png

After (with a very wonky circular barbell lip piercing)!


And the transformation will not stop there; tomorrow morning I have a date with a barber…