Blogcast Episode 1: Starting a Podcast (with Anchor)

My first full-length podcast has just gone live on Anchor (and, subject to distribution times, tonight or tomorrow on iTunes and Google Play)! And, as soon as Anchor’s embed feature gets whitelisted by WordPress (or I discover an alternative way to embed my audio without uploading it to both sites separately), will be posted straight here so you can listen from within an associated post (which would be perfect for discussing photos in future shows, for example).

Anyway for now please hit one of the above links to listen to me discuss, as meta as it may be, the process of starting one’s own podcast or web radio show, and the benefits and downsides of using’s services. Of course, I’m far from an expert on the topic, but hope to help out people who, like myself, would enjoy dipping their feet into the world of podcasting and have a little fun with it.

Feel free to share your own methods and podcasts in the comments, drop me a line either here or on anchor to suggest improvements, topics for future shows, or just to say hi, and if you enjoy it please do follow my show on Anchor and subscribe to the podcast through your distributor of choice!

See you next time,