Podcast: On Tattoos 1/6 – My tattoos and their meanings.

The first podcast in a six-part series, On Tattoos, has just gone live on Anchor, iTunes, and Google Play.

Check out the gallery below to see my tattoos as I tell the stories of getting them and discuss their meanings in the podcast.


My first tattoo, a dragon with cherry blossom by Kanae.

My second tattoo, a mandala by India Amara.

My most recent tattoo (and ongoing work), a peony sleeve by Damien Rodriguez.

If you can’t wait for more tattoo talk, why not check out Kanae, Damien, and India, read this old post from the EYT archives, and remember to follow this blog and subscribe to the podcast on your platform of choice to keep up to date with the rest of the series over the coming weeks!