What You Can’t See Of This, You See Of Me (2015)

As I came to terms with my degenerative eye disease diagnosis I became increasingly active in photography. Whilst mostly using my camera to capture what I was so scared of losing during this time (a clear view of the world), I would also take intentionally out of focus photos (such as this one) or use long exposures with no tripod (as in “Self Portrait” [2015]) in an attempt to capture what I was seeing. Whilst this resulted in me capturing less of what was in front of me – such as this most spectacular of sunsets (I remember how frustrated I felt to not be able to see it clearly, as contrast and glare are particularly hard on my eyes) – it captured an important moment in my life, and an important part of who I am. This is one of my favourite photos from this time.

Mobile-phone photo of original print. No post-production.

© 2015 A. R. Chaparro, all rights reserved.

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