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Sevilla tiene un color especial…

Whilst I wait for my film photos to be developed (I love shooting analogue 120 film), here are twelve quick iPhone pictures from yesterday with Gloria in Seville. I love taking my time with my film shots to find a moment, sight, or ambiance I want to capture, taking care not to waste any of… Continue reading Sevilla tiene un color especial…

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Flight or flight.

It turns out the key to enjoying a flight (for me anyway) may be as simple as not fighting it... As I write this, I am sitting in seat 18b of a Boeing 737-800, beginning our descent somewhere over the south of Spain, and despite all expectations, I am feeling fine. No, in actual fact… Continue reading Flight or flight.

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One way adventure (España)!

As a dual national (British and Spanish), I have spent a lot of time travelling to and from Spain. Most of the time, my base during these trips is with family and friends in Sabadell (my mother's hometown), some 20km from Barcelona. As a result, my adventures have focused largely (but not entirely) in and… Continue reading One way adventure (España)!

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New year, new me.

My new look for early 2017! As I mentioned in last night's post, this morning began with a trip to the barber. Despite what my that post's images suggest (I let my hair down in the pictures to show how long it had got), I actually had a disconnected undercut underneath the mop as I felt… Continue reading New year, new me.