Podcast: On Tattoos 4/6 – How to survive getting tattooed!

This latest episode of On Tattoos comes a little later than intended, due to a combination of events (poor health, travel, family commitments), but is here at last! This week I speak about the process of actually getting tattooed: How to prepare for tattoo sessions and what to bring with you, how it feels and how to handle the pain discomfort, about taking breaks, and try to dispel some common misconceptions about the process of getting inked. I hope listening to this will help give some of you a better idea of what to expect and how to better your chances of having a fun, healthy, and positive experience, and removes some of your fears.

Listen to the episode on Anchor, iTunes, and Google Play, and remember to subscribe on your preferred platform to stay up to date with future postings!

As always, if anyone listening has any more questions, do leave it in a comment or send me it in audio form on my anchor channel, and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.



One thought on “Podcast: On Tattoos 4/6 – How to survive getting tattooed!

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