My next adventure is taking shape! But before I can let myself fully slip into adventure mode, I have to tackle undoubtedly my least favourite part of any trip: flying.

On paper, I am a seasoned traveller and no stranger to the phenomenon that is aviation. Throughout my life, I have clocked up an enormous number of hours above the clouds (often pushing three digits in a single year). I have though, unfortunately, spent a significantly greater number of hours fretting about this facet of journeying.

Flying is the safest form of travel. We’ve all read the statistics – or anyone also afflicted by a nervous disposition when confronted by air travel likely has, anyway – and if you haven’t… But fears don’t need to be rational. And for this reason, no amount of flying or number of comforting statistics has ever totally eased my nerves (although both undoubtedly help).

Lucky for us aviophobes, it is by no means a rare or embarrassing fear (just have a look at the number of famous actors, musicians, athletes, business people, and even world leaders who have openly – undoubtedly a tiny fraction of the total – discussed their fear of flying if you don’t believe me). This is truly a blessing; nothing is worse than suffering in silence. If fact, writing this in itself helps me process my thoughts and rationalise my fears.

Unfortunately I have no real solutions to offer you, but one thing I’d recommend to anyone is to never let your fears control you. Unless I am actually on a plane (where ironically I tend to relax a little, until I- “What was that noise?” “Why did the plane move like that?” etc…) I have only a toxic way of thinking to blame for my anxieties; I often let myself obsess over the process of flying itself, instead of the adventures to come, the reasons I am flying in the first place, and the fact that I am fortunate enough to have both the freedom and means to afford the luxury of travel at all. Ultimately, I suppose the truth of the matter is that for flying to genuinely be of such concern to me, I must have it pretty good.

And with these things in mind I start to relax, and look forward to touching down in Malaga tomorrow after a brief 3 hour flight from London.

Anyway, got to go: I’ve got a bag to pack.


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