One way adventure (España)!

As a dual national (British and Spanish), I have spent a lot of time travelling to and from Spain. Most of the time, my base during these trips is with family and friends in Sabadell (my mother’s hometown), some 20km from Barcelona. As a result, my adventures have focused largely (but not entirely) in and around Catalunya, and more generally the North-East of the country.

Around a month ago I renewed my Spanish passport at the consulate in London, and it occurred to me that I have never obtained my DNI, the Spanish national identity card. It isn’t essential, and as far as I am aware does nothing that my passport cannot (and in fact, living in the UK as I currently do, can likely do significantly less), but is a more practical size than lugging around a passport and so I figured was probably worth having. I obtained all the forms necessary (all of which bear expiry dates, and one of which can only be obtained once), only to discover that the card itself can only be issued in Spain. Upon explaining this to Gloria, she immediately suggested we head out together and make a holiday out of it!

This trip will be very special for me, as we will be heading to Andalucia (in the very south of the country), her home region (and one I have fond, but distant, memories of visiting many years ago). In addition to the procurement of my DNI, we have planned to visit: Cordoba, Sevilla, Malaga, and many of the surrounding towns and villages. As we’ll be staying with G’s family and have access to a car we’re happy to turn down our planning and turn up the adventure! In fact, our plans are so open that today when booking our flight there, we decided not to book our return leg yet!

And so, in under 48 hours, I’ll be in the sky flying out, one way, to my next adventure… And whilst for now I may know little about what exactly lies in wait on this trip, what I do know is that an adventure it will be.


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