What I’ve learnt from my first month of blogging.


This is my thirtieth daily blog post (OK, so I posted one at 00:00, therefore technically a ‘day’ late), so to mark this modest milestone today’s post will be about my experience so far of blogging itself.

The first thing that occurs to me after a quick look back through my past posts is just how much it turns out I’ve had to say – my greatest concern when I committed myself to giving daily blogging a go, as a diary of sorts, was that I would find that I don’t really have anything to write about. And the more posts I write, the easier it comes – so far, so good – though the acid test will be how I fare on a less eventful month!

I have found that writing this blog has allowed me to reclaim writing for pleasure. Having just finished a postgraduate degree which culminated in writing, and re-writing, a paper (now due for publication in a scientific journal – so in retrospect worth the hard slog), the thought alone of writing had become enough to induce nausea, so it’s been wonderful to write for fun again, and for me again.

Another observation is just how quickly things can become routine if you want them to. Despite having a full time job, practicing guitar and skateboarding daily, and finding time to relax and socialise, I’ve not struggled to find a moment to write down some thoughts every single day. It’s funny that the more things I want to do, the easier I find it is to be organised – but then again, if I weren’t I’d get nothing done at all.

See you again tomorrow.



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