Here comes the sun.

wp_ss_20161123_0001 (3).png


No, not that kind of sun – this is England in late November, after all, but rather Pokémon Sun. The game arrived today, the day of the game’s UK release, and quite unexpectedly. If I did place the order (which I must have done, given that it arrived addressed to me) I had forgotten all about it, making for a pleasant surprise on an otherwise rather sun-less day!

Whilst my day has been fairly busy I have managed to get the game underway, and so far I am enjoying it greatly! The latest installment in the franchise continues Nintendo’s habit of bringing an ever more cinematic experience to one of the most iconic game series of all time (though perhaps not ideal for those who prefer to skip lengthy cut-scenes and get on with the game). Just how far the games, now in their seventh generation, have come in terms of both graphics and gameplay is absolutely staggering, though this first impression of mine has undoubtedly been accentuated by the facts that the last Pokémon game I personally owned was Gold (released in 2001), and how of late I’ve been enjoying a return to Yellow (2000) which came pre-loaded on my Pokémon edition 2DS (a purchase entirely motivated by nostalgia – the DS is even made of transparent plastic like my old Game Boy Color!).

Of course, the essence of the game will be familiar to anyone who has played any of the games in the series. And that is precisely the attraction of the series for adults such as myself who may have last felt the excitement of picking a starter pokémon and exploring a new world (this time Alola, which seems strikingly similar to Hawaii) almost two decades ago: we may have grown and developed as people, as has the game, but at heart we are still the same people we were back then, with the same taste for adventure. Now, Popplio and I better get cracking if we’re to conquer all of Alola’s Gyms… Wait… What? There are NO GYMS?! Ok, maybe some things will take a little getting used to after all.


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