Eye exam results.



Yesterday’s eye exam was a bit of a mixed bag. My left eye (the more severely affected of the two) has got considerably worse since its topography was last measured, now distinctly conical at the visual axis – which explains its particularly poor vision. My right eye, however, was shown by topographic examination to be considerably less conical overall than my left, and has changed less over the last 12 months; it has undoubtedly worsened, but only slightly. Measurement of each eye’s corneal thickness also brought good news: both eyes are only slightly thinner than the average thickness of a healthy eye. This is a very encouraging sign, and means I have a greater range of treatment options available.

I am due to be fitted with new gas permeable or scleral rigid contact lenses, and my doctor believes that as a young person with continued degeneration and suitably thick corneas I will also benefit from corneal cross-linking (a process briefly explained in my previous post). This should greatly help my prognosis and hopefully reduce the likelihood I ever need a corneal transplant. However in the grand scheme of things I am fortunate as the cornea is just the window of the eye, and at the worst windows can always be replaced.


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