Alejo, 24.

Forensic biologist in public (or on paper, anyway); musician, writer, photographer, skateboarder, and human canvas (tattooed) in private. When not in one of the aforementioned guises I can usually be found reading or watching movies.

I have previously written about – and undoubtedly will again, sooner or later – each of these many passion projects, but for now am focusing on a select few: watching, shooting, reading, and writing. Though whatever I write about, I promise I will always share my experiences and musings with verity and candour.


Square Eyes Society

A lifelong film aficionado, here I document my film watching habits and share my reactions to each. I hope to entertain and maybe even inspire one or two of your next film choices, but do not expect calculated analyses of the technical facets of movies or conventional reviews; as a wise man (Samuel Johnson) once said,

A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.

I believe this to be a universal truth across the arts: My enjoyment of a movie is arguably as much about my experience as a viewer as any other single aspect of the film itself, and so be prepared for an insight into my world as much as the worlds presented on the screen.

I promise this is a spoiler-free zone.


120 Vision

All my photography related posts. I am particularly fond of shooting in 120-film medium format (hence the poor 20:20 vision pun), though I also enjoy standard digital and mobile photography.


Flash Fiction in a Flash

I enjoy one- to two-hour quick-fire writing challenges. Once the time is up, I put the pen down (well, stop typing, actually). Basically, I sit creative writing exams for fun, and share the outcome.


The Loner Book Club

I love reading, and also very much enjoy talking. Here I satisfy both interests simultaneously. Come and join the world’s most exclusive book club.

Another spoiler-free zone.




I’m everything that you thought,

’cause I’m everything that you’re not.