Alejo, 24.

Forensic biologist in public (or on paper, anyway); musician, writer, photographer, skateboarder, and human canvas (tattooed) in private. When not in one of the aforementioned guises I can usually be found reading, cycling, or watching movies.

I have previously written about – and undoubtedly will again, sooner or later – each of these many passion projects, but for now am focusing on a select few: watching, shooting, and writing.

Whatever I write about, I will always share my experiences and musings with verity and candour.


Square Eyes Society

A lifelong film aficionado, here I document some of my film watching habits and share my musings on the more interesting of them. Whilst I hope to entertain and maybe even inspire one or two of your next film choices, do not expect cold and calculated analyses of the technical facets. A wise man (Samuel Johnson) once said, “A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.” I believe this to be a universal truth across the arts: My enjoyment of a movie is arguably as much about my experience as a viewer as any other single aspect, so be prepared for an insight into my world as much as the worlds presented on the screen.


120 Vision

All my photography related posts. I am particularly fond of shooting in 120-film medium format (hence the poor 20:20 vision pun), though I also enjoy digital and mobile photography.


Flash Fiction in a Flash

I enjoy one- to two-hour quick-fire writing challenges. Once the time is up, I put the pen down (well, stop typing, actually). Basically, I sit creative writing exams for fun, and share the outcome.




I’m everything that you thought,

’cause I’m everything that you’re not.